Yoga in Mauritius is the fruit of over 35 years of learning. From hyperactivity to mindfulness, from religion to spirituality, from fitness to yoga, from south to north and from east to west, we experienced many different pathways.
We are today honored to share our understanding of how the body, the mind and the spirit can flow.

Yoga Classes in Mauritius with Patricia Tschopp

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    … it is so precious, just to be able to sit in this open space together, where nothing needs to be resolved or solved; where we don’t need to fix ourselves or to be fixed; where our burning questions don’t need to be answered; where, finally, our questions are allowed to just be questions; where our uncertainty doesn’t need to be transformed into certainty; where our doubts are finally given permission to just be doubts

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    We want to offer a place of true union with yourself.

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